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Deep Stealth

Deep Stealth Productions creates entertainment and educational content across several media. Since moving to Hollywood in 2003, founders Andrea James and Calpernia Addams have created, consulted on and appeared in numerous notable films, performances, and documentaries, including:

  • Transproofed
  • Transamerican Love Story
  • Casting Pearls
  • Beautiful Daughters (Logo, 2006)
  • Transamerica (Weinstein Co., 2005)
  • Middle Sexes (HBO, 2005)
  • The Vagina Monologues [first all-transgender cast] (Deep Stealth, 2004)
  • Soldier’s Girl (Showtime, 2003)

Deep Stealth also sells a series of best-selling instructional videos for transgender women in transition. Calpernia and Andrea frequently write and speak about trans issues and are sought-after media figures. Notable coverage includes:

Entertainment Tonight
The Insider with Pat O’Brian
CNBC: The Big Idea with Donny Deutsche
Univision: The Cristina Show
NPR: All Things Considered
CBS News Radio
New York Times Sunday Magazine
Rolling Stone
National Enquirer
People Magazine
USA Today
LGBT media: Logo Network, Q Television, Out, Frontiers, The Advocate

Calpernia’s and Andrea’s suite of websites includes:

deepstealth.com (production company site)
genderlife.com (portal site)
calpernia.com (personal site)
tsroadmap.com (essential guide for male-to-female transition)
hairfacts.com (hair removal resource)
andreajames.com (personal site)

For more on our work, please contact us.

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