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Helping your family, friends and yourself understand

Planning your transition is hard enough, and one of the most emotionally charged issues is how to tell your friends and family that you will soon be presenting a new person to the world. Deep Stealth knows how difficult this can be, and we have put together a multi-disc set featuring interviews and information from leading authorities on transition and gender issues. Whether you watch these videos with a loved one, or study them to prepare yourself for "the big talk", they can help when you want to help someone understand.

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We are excited to release our Coming Out series, with DVDs focusing on: Coming Out Disc 01: Transsexual Basics: To help you prepare yourself or as a resource to give to your loved ones to help them understand. Presented by Calpernia and Andrea, two gentle and professional faces who can show your loved ones that it is possible to transition successfully. (Preview Transsexual Basics) (also available as part of the 3 DVD Survival Kit: Coming Out Pack) Coming Out Disc 02: Spouses, Partners, Kids & Social Life : Andrea talks with noted author Helen Boyd ("My Husband Betty") about transition issues surrounding spouses, signifcant others, loved ones, families and children. (Preview Spouses, Partners, Kids & Social Life) (also available as part of the 3 DVD Survival Kit: Coming Out Pack) Coming Out Disc 03: Therapy, Family & You Andrea talks with well-known gender therapist and author Dr. Randi Ettner ("Confessions of a Gender Defender") about issues like therapy, preparing yourself to transition, come out to loved ones, family, job, friends and children. They also discuss what to do if you have a child who wants to transition, and many other important issues that affect your life and the lives of those around you on this important journey. (Preview Family, Therapy & You) (also available as part of the 3 DVD Survival Kit: Coming Out Pack)

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