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Comes with: Foundation, (6) Sponges, Setting Powder, Powder Brush, Puff, Powder Blush, Blush Brush, Lipstick, Lip Liner Pencil, Lip Brush, Eyeshadow, Eye Liner, Eyeshadow Applicator, Mascara, Eyebrow Pencil

Experience Matters

As a professional showgirl, actress and model since 1994, Calpernia has evaluated countless brands of cosmetics for performance, coverage, lasting power and appearance to meet the unique needs of transwomen in real-life situations. Her popular makeup video, "Becoming You", shares a wealth of knowledge on makeup theory and application. Now you can order a collection of cosmetics specially chosen by Calpernia for transsexual women's needs. Highly-pigmented creme foundation to minimize transition skin problems like facial hair shadow and hormonally induced acne. Natural, neutral colors for real life situations like work and socializing with society outside the GLBT community as well as within. Pro quality brushes and ingredients used by Calpernia herself for years.

  • High-pigment professional makeup lasts a long time!
Calpernia's solution: cosmetics formulated for film and television professionals.

While department store cosmetics are beautifully packaged and scented, the prices can be outrageous. And most drugstore cosmetics just can't meet the demands of our high-stakes situations. Calpernia's solution: cosmetics formulated for film and television professionals.

Everything you need in one makeup kit!

Calpernia has carefully chosen cosmetics in a neutral palette with the natural look in mind. Less is more, and allowing your own personality to shine through is the core of Calpernia's makeup philosophy. Garish colors and hard applications used in print modeling, music videos and theater can be fun to play with, but for someone serious about blending into the daily world of women, discernment is key.

Performance Cosmetics

Performance Cosmetics contain no artificial scents or useless additives. Formulated with high levels of pigment (so that you can use less for the same effect) and designed to withstand the hot lights of a working film set or stage without separating or dissolving in sweat, these products are designed to do one simple but vital thing each. Foundation covers. Lipstick colors. And a little goes a long way, thanks to the high levels of pigmentation. No more caking on thick layers of foundation when a light application over trouble spots will do. No more reapplying lipstick every two hours, when one application can last for eight.

Compare our prices to similar packages containing a month's supply of these cosmetics costing up to TWICE AS MUCH by other websites catering to the trans community. Combined with our track record of community service, you won't find a better way to spend your hard-earned money. Supporting Deep Stealth means supporting over 5000 pages of original free content online helping over 3 million women like yourselves a year at our sites like and our many projects to improve media representation of transwomen everywhere.

Smart and Professional

There are no "miracles in a jar", but a smart consumer using professional products can learn to create her own best look. So take the professional approach to your appearance now and order your cosmetics now through our safe and private online system!

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