Financing Transition Spreadsheet


Don't just dream about what you want to do. Start making accurate and realistic plans tailored to your unique transition needs today! Turn your transition dreams into reality.

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(Use with FREE OpenOffice or with MS Excel or Apple Numbers)

Download Now! If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.

Don’t just dream about what you want to do. Start making accurate and realistic plans tailored to your unique transition needs today! Turn your transition dreams into reality.

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Runs on virtually any computer: open it in Microsoft Excel, Mac Numbers or Google and download Apache OpenOffice for FREE.

If the idea of getting all the money you need for transition seems impossible, it won’t after you complete these ten exercises.

This workbook contains everything you’ll need to know about:

  • Range of costs
  • Analyzing your expenses
  • Prioritizing and planning
  • Setting goals that are customized for your unique needs

Helping women pay for transition since 1998

Over the years, and Deep Stealth Productions have worked to bring you the highest quality transition-related materials and programs.

When we published the original Web and PDF guides to financing transition in 1998, it became an overnight success.

Since then, many readers have asked us to make them into a customizable spreadsheet. Here it is!
Custom interface for our unique needs

Each of us has her own set of challenges for financing transition. This powerful and flexible spreadsheet allows you to customize and revise a spending plan for your unique journey.

The original version had to be printed out to use. Now you can save versions and revise without starting over, any time your income and expenses change.

How it works

The interactive workbook contains complex calculations, but all you see is a simple interface!

Here’s an example of one of the charts:

Financing Transsexual Transition
Financing Transsexual Transition

Part 1: Fill in the blue cells with your current financial information.

Part 2: Fill in a green worksheet (not shown) to determine your transition spending plan.

Part 3: Fill in the pink cells with revised spending. The yellow cell tells you if you’re over or under your target.

In the example above, the user has decided to reduce total utility costs by about 20%. She had to make some hard decisions, but in order to reach her goals, she made a plan to reduce many utility bills by about 10% by conservation. She also decided to change her cable plan.

This freed up over $700 over the course of a year in just one of ten expense categories alone!

Determining a realistic spending plan

Once you have an idea of the costs and the time it will take, the workbook calculates a range of options for how much you’ll need each month to reach your goals. By the time you’re done, you have a concrete plan based on the course you set.

Tips for users

The workbook runs on virtually any computer. The template opens in Microsoft Excel, Mac Numbers or download Open Office now for FREE.

We do not recommend taking this to work if you are not out. If at all possible, do this on your home computer. If you decide to use this at work, always keep your version(s) on removable media, and never leave copies residing on your hard drive. Always quit out of the program when away from your desk and move the media to a safe place. While it’s possible to do this safely, using this at work is at your own risk.

If you’ve never used a spreadsheet before, it’s easy.

The workbook has 9 Tabs along the bottom for the nine worksheets you’ll be using:

  • Registration
  • Intro
  • Net worth
  • Expenses
  • Available
  • Goals
  • Adjusted
  • Tips
  • Appendix

All you have to do is fill in the amounts based on your goals, and then make decisions and revisions until you have a workable plan in place!