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We’re very proud of our accomplishments and offer ways to support our work if it’s been helpful:


Support via GenderLife

We’ve helped improve portrayals of trans people, changing hearts and minds and hastening political change.

  • We’ve given help and hope through transition-related information. Almost all of our work is available at no charge online. Our instructional videos and entertainment are priced similar to other specialty videos and have been the only things we sell to consumers. These videos help many reach their transition goals without paying for costly in-person consultations.
  • Because of illegal downloading, this source of income is no longer capable of supporting all the free services and information we provide. The ads on sites we own do not cover the time we spend answering email and updating pages. Updating 5 pages a day, it would take almost three years for us to update every page of free information.
  • We’ve each raised tens of thousands of dollars to help the community through our appearances and volunteering. We serve on non-profits which require raising a set amount each year or paying that ourselves. We gave away all the profit for our first all-transgender Vagina Monologues and received no money for the documentary.
  • There’s a difference between being well-known and being wealthy. If we wanted to be wealthy, we would have stayed in advertising and healthcare and kept low profiles. Instead, we chose the harder route and work to make a difference.

If you enjoy our work instructing and entertaining, we’re asking for your support, like shareware or a tip for helpful service. We’ve helped many of you. If you’d like to help us continue helping others, especially our young people, please consider supporting our work through a one-time gift.

You may also mail support to:

Deep Stealth Productions
5419 Hollywood Blvd. #C-142
Los Angeles CA 90027

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